Who we are

We are a club for freedivers by freedivers based in Bristol, UK. We are passionate about freediving with a focus on providing a safe and friendly atmosphere for recreational and competitive freedivers alike to train and socialise. We focus equally upon pool freediving and depth freediving.

What we do

We hold weekly pool sessions at several indoor pools in and around the Bristol, UK area. Some sessions are instructed – teaching members better technique, offering training programs, better safetying, progressive improvement in diving and many other skills to reach your true potential.  But on top of that, we have self training sessions too for those who are more experienced and know already what they want to do. So we just leave you with the freedom to train as you wish. So everyone gets the best of both worlds through our club: instructed sessions and self training sessions. It’s your choice.

Our club is, however, more than just pool freediving.  We organise regular diving at local open water freediving sites such as NDAC (Chepstow), Cromhall and Vobster. So whether you just want to improve your depth abilities for when you’re having fun diving on holiday or are looking to do depth diving competitively, we aim to facilitate your training needs through our club. Additionally, we like to get out and dive the coast as well, particularly down in Cornwall, where the water is crystal clear and of course trips to amazing dive locations around the world.

Benefits of being a member

You’ll be training alongside some of the best. Our club is proud to claim the double Brazilian National Record holder for men in DYN and DNF as well as the Head of Safety for the Saltfree Double Dip depth competition as members. This should demonstrate that our club caters to experienced athletes and also happily welcomes beginner and intermediate freedivers who want to learn, improve and train alongside them.

One big advantage that sets us apart from other UK clubs is that we cap our membership to a low number to ensure that there’s always enough pool space without overcrowding as is common in many clubs. We are like flying in first class with lots of legroom and a fully reclining seat. How can anyone train properly if they are crammed into economy class where you spend more time focusing on avoiding other divers in the pool than focused on your own diving? In our club, we guarantee that you’ll never be more than three people in a lane which is perfect as one person is doing a performance, one is a safety buddy and one person is breathing up ready to rotate into their performance at the next round.  This ensures maximum individual training and pool space efficiencies.

We are a very flexible club with the primary focus of giving each member the time and pool space that he or she needs to achieve the goals that they have in mind. And because our membership numbers are low and capped, we can readily adjust when required to meet the changing needs of our members.

Our membership pricing plan gives ample scope to find the days and time that best suit your needs.  We appreciate that people have other obligations in life and so we try to offer as many session combinations as possible.

We will ensure that you will have a high standard of quality training and an amazing time.  So we do offer a trial period – if you are not happy to continue after your first week, we’ll refund you 100% of your annual membership joining fee and also the monthly pool fee minus one week pro rated. So your worst case is that you’ve paid for one week of diving and we amicably part ways. But we’re confident that you’ll chose to stay!

All of our pool sessions are midweek.  We specifically designed it this way so that weekends are free.  But if you are like us, you’ll still want to freedive so we go diving outdoors in open water most weekends during the sunny summer months.  We then have Mondays and Fridays as rest days between the pool sessions and open water sessions. Works perfectly. During the winter months, when diving outdoors is too cold, we would look to add additional pool sessions on the weekend for those who want some extra training. 

Please click through the other tabs at the top for more details and how to join.  We look forward to welcoming you. 

Limitless Freedivers