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AIDA is the international association for the development of freediving that also oversees championships and world record attempts. With its educational program AIDA both creates and applies standards of best practice. Established already in 1992, AIDA is by far the most established and recognised standard of freediving worldwide.

If you have never been freediving before, your starting point is the “AIDA1 Introduction to Freediving” (min. 14 years old) or the “AIDA2 Open Water Freediver” (min. 16 years old) course depending on your current comfort level of being in the water and ability to hold your breath. We can discuss this with you and give you a recommendation. After the AIDA2 certification you can go deeper in with the “AIDA3 Advanced Freediver” course, and bring your skills to perfection in the “AIDA4 Master Freediver” course. For those wanting to pursue a professional career teaching freediving, we also offer the “AIDA Instructor” course.

For a more detailed description of the AIDA levels, please visit their website.

At Limitless Freedivers we will provide you with a high standard freediving course. We have two AIDA certified instructors including one who is a Brazilian national record holder so you can feel confident that you are learning from one of the best. We offer AIDA1, AIDA2, AIDA3, AIDA4 and Instructor courses.

Additionally, we have a selection of specialty training courses such as DYN monofin, DYN bifins and dynamic no fins (DNF).

All our courses are held in small groups to maximize student learning time.

For current prices and to discuss which course is best for you, please contact us.