Quarry freediving

Our club is equally about depth diving as it is about pool diving.  In the warmer months, we will head to local dive sites in and around Bristol UK.  These sites include the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC) in Chepstow, the Cromhall Diving Centre quarry and Vobster Quay.  Two of these three have freediving platforms with safety lines from which to dive.  All have sunken attractions to make the diving more interesting. NDAC, with 70m of available depth, is a great place for advanced freedivers to train. We are usually at one of these sites every weekend. As an aside, you will have noticed that all our pool sessions are all midweek and this is the reason why – we prefer to spend our weekends outdoors enjoying the summer sunshine while depth diving. 

Coastal Freediving

One of the wonderful things about the UK is the abundance of coastal diving and the amazing sea life.  We plan trips to to the clear waters in Wales, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall throughout the summer. There are many wonderful dive sites accessible from the shore. 

The cost of all open water diving with the club is not included in the Monthly Pool fees.