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Taster Session / Try Dive

The Introduction to Freediving taster session with Limitless Freedivers will open your mind to a new underwater experience. This 1-session course of theory and practice in the pool will help you to develop introductory skills, basic knowledge and necessary safety procedures to begin enjoying freediving safely.

Give it a go and get underwater on a breath hold in a safe environment with a qualified AIDA instructor. Limitless Freedivers will teach you to hold your breath and proper ways of breathing before and after a dive, relaxation exercises and explore what actually happens to our body when you go underwater (Mammalian dive response). Additionally we will practice efficient finning underwater while breath holding and trying to conserve energy in the process.  The course will also teach you proper weighting, how to assist a diver in trouble, how to choose your equipment amongst other topics. With all these basic techniques, skill and knowledge you can begin your freediving journey.

To enrol in the Introduction to Freediving taster session, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Be able to swim at least 100m non-stop.

To enquire about the dates of our next taster session, please contact us.